My Story

If I were a meal, I would be Dahl, a kitchen the one I visited in Puerto Viejo’s hostel, a moment when eating with an unknown host family in a remote place.

In this page I could give you a description of my degree in Biology, my master about Nutrition, the amount of money and hours invested in education, articles, science, and coffee but the truth is that this project is anything but an ordinary place.

The Ingredients of Our Story is the result of my story as a mestiza, my backpacking travels, my open ears to people’s stories and the discovery of cooking as an indispensable element to represent, create and preserve our own history.

Here, beyond the recipes, you will find articles that go deeper into how traditional dishes contribute to build our identity, comforting and keeping alive communities in diaspora and even allowing an intimate relationship with God, food as a pure expression of faith.

Besides witnessing the unforgettable and meaningful stories, you will be also able to immerse yourself in the taste of migration, encounter and history through gastronomic-cultural events.

Additionally, the workshops, a consequence of my work as a nutritional educator, will help you out discovering recipes and learning a new way to interact with food and cooking.

What 5 meals represent you?

In my case, they are, macaroni, papus dolma, dahl, vegan cheesecake and hummus. They connect me with my roots, symbolize the journey that changed me, the way my own ideals evolved and one of the deepest and most mystical moments of my life. They are recipes that appeared, built me up, defined me. As well, as everyone of us have.