During the month of Ramadan, fasting is carried through the day, from sunrise to sunset. It is then, when the iftar, an impressive feast, takes place.



In Lakemba, a neighborhood of Sydney, Australia, they go beyond the usual feast, occupying the entire Haldon Street with a night market. Muslims, Arabs, believers or non-believers gather to taste the food and, as they say, enjoy the energy of the market. In their words, it is like being back home for a while.

Among the surprises in store at this market, which is back after two years of closure, are the famous camel burgers offered by Yassr Elyatim, together with Abdulqader Obeid and Mohammed Elyatim, at their Ramadan Camels stand.

The large number of camels inhabiting Western Australia became a serious environmental problem, affecting water supplies and causing soil erosion. At that time, a state program was carried in order to stop the saturation. The program, included hunting and the use use of camel’s meat for consumption.

This is how Ramadan Camels, started offering their burgers which would lead them to become an icon of the Lakemba night market.



What’s on the iftar dinner menu in Indonesia?

A colorfull, vitaminic, proteic options: Kolak and Es Buah.

Kolak, is a sweet dessert based on coconut milk cooked with sugar and pandan or pandanus leaves. The latter, very aromatic adding an enhanced flavor. Pieces of bananas are usually added to the mixture, which is then called Kolak pisang.

On the other hand, es buah, is a preparation halfway between the fruit salad and a cocktail. A preparation where different chopped fruits are mixed, such as sweet melon, pineapple, papaya, along with ice, syrup and sugar. A refreshing combination to face the strong Indonesian heat.



The Chawkbazar market is located in Dhaka. It is the largest iftar market in all of Bangladesh.

Among the featured dishes is seekh kebab, marinated beef or lamb, cooked over charcoal and served on skewers. For dessert, comes the shahi jilapi, a preparation of fried dough dipped in syrup that can reach two kilos in weight, and is shared among the whole family.

Seekh kebab by Wikipedia Commons

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