Pumpkin Kofta Curry, discovering the taste of the Jewish Indians

October, at this time, in the heat of autumn fervor, the recipes with pumpkins are as prolific as their partners of the season, the mushrooms. Pumpkins becomes the unbeatable star, from sweet realfooding like xocolate cream to breathtaking casseroles. In my case, it was while diving through the pages of Claudia Roden’s Jewish Food book that I came across the curried […]

Ugat Shmarim Vegan

This cake also known as Krantz or Babka is undoubtedly one of the main characters every Friday in the bakeries of Israel (at least in the pre-Pandemian era). However, it is surprising the turn of events that adds to the history of this recipe its connection with Judaism. It turns out that this cake has several cousins and brothers. Its own name […]