Gastronomic-cultural events

Our meals not only nourish our body but also allow us to understand and empathize with the history of others in a unique welcoming way.

Did you ever have the chance to be with a new person preparing food in his/her kitchen?

If the answer is yes, you will know that there are few moments more intimate than that. The utensils in their kitchen, their spices, their ingredients, the way they decide whether to use the oldest or the newest frying pan, or the fact that they don’t have a frying pan, an oven or anything comparable to what you know.

When this happens, a door is directly open to the heart of their life, their strengths, weaknesses and their essentials.

The gastronomic-cultural events are here to reproduce the feeling, the moment, the immersion inside entire communities and our/their roots. Kneading, preparing with our hands, feeling the aromas, the textures or witnessing people do it with their hearts, with all the weight of their story.

Jalá, between flour and blessings. Bread, Judaism, and women

Now all the activities will be online, hoping that the situation will allow us to feel, everything, in first person soon.



If you love discovering new recipes, learning how to eat healthy and of course, having a new excuse to surprise your friends with the next meal, these workshops are what you are looking for.


Learn to prepare your daily food in a balanced, healthy and flavorful way.


Discover three recipes with hummus that will add variety and color to your entrees.

Creating your content

Hours fly when I start writing and what I could not imagine few years ago is that writing about food would become the nexus of all my passions: learning new stories, witnessing unknown realities, getting involved in the relationship between people and cuisine, building bridges between past and future, between enemy communities and unknown roots.

For that reason, I would be happy to serve as a bridge for others, to create unique content and to find and tell the testimonies that define your place, your country, your story. You can contact me here to create content, interviews, articles and recipes with story for you.